There exists millions of worlds on silicon planes, serving as highway towns for billions of travelers. In the modern era, the dominant traffic it towards the marketplaces, the pleasure districts, and the community hubs; but it wasn't always this way. A long, long time ago, the internet was a place for new experiences that couldn't be found anywhere else, and these highway towns were designed to be appealing all on their own. It was an art above all else, and each new website was a fun window into the life of its designer.

This is the intention of the Exodite. The architect has seen the latter stages of the classic era, the rise of the new, and the humble continuation of the old flame in the text editors of the common user. He wants to continue this tradition, to keep the internet at its roots even if the metropolises never collapse. And so this site is born, as one branch in a mighty fagot.

Stay a while, dear guest. There's a decent amount here currently, and the Exodite does intend to grow this modest little abode into a greater vision. Whether you know him from other nodes, from meatspace, or not at all, this site is intended to share what Exodite finds admirable or interesting. He hopes you will find yourself informed, entertained, and perhaps a little amused at his humble corner of the Wired.

lain dancing

This is the Gondola of the Month, brought to you from the depths of the webm world. Take a while to relax here, traveler.

Table of Contents

the other pages have not been transferred over from the previous design, please enjoy the gondola while I fill things in :)

Citadel: Ponderings left to fester. --->
Binary Grimoire: Records of electronic wizardry. --->
Surveys of Secondary Worlds: Storytelling and entertainment reflections. --->
Flouride-Free Water: Understanding the world for what it is. --->
Fiber-Optic Freeway: Hyperlink highway for the internet explorer. -->
Garden of Shrines: Fan-pages of topics that have captured the Exodite's autism. --->
Profile: A more thorough introduction to the Exodite. --->

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