This month's gondola:

"A tepid welcome is extended to the guest of the Exodite. The architect is unavailable at present and must be reached through other means. He is studying, perfecting his prose and attuning his skills. This web fort is an object of his craft; feel free to explore at your leisure. Simply follow the hyperlinks to your destination.
"Enjoy an assortment of topics from the mind of the anonymous stranger online, from tech guides to media reviews to general ramblings. Sit back, crack open a Monster™ (White Zero Sugar), and subscribe to the RSS feed. Enjoy your stay in the Exodite estate."

-- Citadel [not yet active] --
Logs and Musings from the Architect.
-- Binary Grimoire --
Records of Electronic Wizardry.
-- Surveys of Secondary Worlds --
Storytelling & Entertainment Discussion.
-- Fluoride-free Water [not yet active] --
Understanding the world as it actually exists.
-- Fiber-Optic Freeway --
Hyperlink Highway for web tourism.
-- Garden of Shrines [not yet active] --
Fan-Pages of Topics the Architect Enjoys.
-- Exodite Profiled [not yet active] --
About the Sub-Creator.

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