"The hyperlink is still one of the greatest constructions of the digital era. With a click, the user is portalled away any distance from the simplest turn of a page to fringe worlds untouched for decades. It is only fitting a web-fort such as this would collect and house noteworthy hyperlinks for preservation and reference.

"The Architect has categorized the list and included annotations for each hyperlink, so your trip along the Fiber-Optic Freeway has direction and purpose."

Personal/Static sites

  • theoryware.net - an online friend who specializes in technology and Girls' Last Tour.
  • Sizeof.cat - another tech-centered website, has a cyberpunk manifesto. Also the host of Captain Blackbeard Radio.
  • Wired Sounds for Wired People - a art project and experiment in web design inspired by Serial Experiments Lain. A treat for both eyes and ears.
  • Terminal 00 - a similar experiment as WSfWP, an interactive art project and a surreal experience.
  • Thought Experiments Lain [seems to be down? what a shame, use this for now] - a fansite for the anime Serial Experiments Lain, with detailed information about the show and its creators. Old enough to be mentioned in official supplementary material published at the time.
  • The Cryptid Zoo - a cryptozoology encyclopedia that takes from a plethora of sources and accounts.

Online Resources

  • Etsi.me - instance of the Searx search engine, an alternative to Google.
  • Tineye.com - reverse image search that allows you to trace and find larger instances of most any given image online.
  • Saucenao.com - the same thing as Tineye, but specifically for anime and art. Can identify an anime by a single frame.
  • Wiby.me - a search engine for static/classic sites. A good resource for finding sites older than 2010 or those emulating the aesthetic of the pre-corporate age.

Boards and Forums

  • Danger/u/ - a text-only board with few subjects, mainly cyberpunk. Very small community.
  • zzzchan - a small imageboard with primarily topics on video games and random material. Is part of a webring with a plethora of other boards with a wider variety.
  • LAINCHAN - an imageboard inspired by Serial Experiments Lain with an emphasis on cyberpunk and programming.
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